Witcher 4’s Reveal, Colossal Cave’s Return, And Notebook Nostalgia

Witcher 4’s Reveal, Colossal Cave’s Return, And Notebook Nostalgia

This week's episode delves into CD Projekt Red's big Witcher 4 announcement and much more!

Episode Notes

This week’s episode of Axe of the Blood God is utterly bewitching. True, Kat, Nadia, and Eric are enthralling company in every circumstance—but with the recent announcement of (not) Witcher 4, how could they resist talking about what CD Projekt has up its sleeve? The gang talks about the seemingly new direction for this beloved fantasy property, and what it entails for the still-troubled CD Projekt.

Also in this episode:

  • It’s letter time! It’s letter time!
  • Kat’s getting into Triangle Strategy, as the prophecy foretold.
  • Nadia stuck a twinblade up a dragon’s grundle.
  • Back in MY day, we had to print hentai and pass it around the school.

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