What to Expect From Axe of the Blood God in 2022

What to Expect From Axe of the Blood God in 2022

Hail Disciples of the Blood God! A new year is nearly upon us and it’s time to talk about what to expect in 2022. We accomplished a lot in the first year of the Patreon, with some of the highlights being:

All told it was a very packed year for Axe of the Blood God, and we’ve got lots more in store for you. You can listen to our podcast for an idea of what to expect in broad strokes, but here are some additional details for you:

Weekly episodes will now go live at the same on the free and premium feed: We really want to create value for our Patrons, but that came at the expense of the free feed taking a major hit, resulting in news discussions that felt totally irrelevant by the time they were finally posted. We’re going to post weekly episodes at the same time going forward. In exchange, all Specials as well as Sharlayan Dropouts will now be available exclusively on the Patron feed at the $5 level and above.

We’re adding a new tier! On Monday, January 3 we will be launching the Stars of Destiny tier. This will be a $25 tier that will earn Patrons exclusive access to live video recordings of the show on Fridays at 5pm PT, including a special pre-and-post show hosted through the Discord (we will try and make sure there are VODs for our followers in Europe and elsewhere). You will be able to hang out in the comments and gab at us before and after we record. It’ll be neat!

Subscribers at the $25 tier will also get a free Year 2 Axe of the Blood God pin, access to all our premium content, and if we can swing it, special deals and even exclusive acccess to merch (still a work in progress). Naturally, Patrons at our $50 and $100 tiers get all of the benefits as well! And yes, because this is a Suikoden reference, every member of this tier will get a number. Who wants to be the first Blood God Star of Destiny?

New goal for $6000: On that note, if we make it to $6000 per month in donations, then Nadia, Eric, and myself will do a special one-shot tabletop RPG campaign with a guest DM that we’ll record live and make available to our Patrons!

The Top 25 RPG Revamp: It’s been several years now since we posted our Top 25 RPGs of All Time. Time for a revamp! Here’s how it’ll work: Every week Nadia, Eric, and myself will bring a nominee for the list, which we’ll pitch in a segment on the weekly show. We’ll also have a channel in the Discord where Patrons can pitch their own entries. Our favorite nominee with the best reasoning will be included in the segment. In June, we’ll do a big special where we whittle down the list to 25 amazing games. And yes, we’re starting from scratch, so no game is safe. Not even Chrono Trigger! (Okay, Chrono Trigger is gonna get nominated, but ya know).

Summer of Gundam: Summer of the Rings was a blast, so what’s next? How about Summer of Gundam! Join us for an amazing summer of mecha-sized fun in which Nadia is forced to actually watch Gundam for the first time!

PAX East: Yep, assuming the show goes ahead, we’re planning on being at PAX East in April. More details when we have them!

And lots more! We’ve got a ton of other great ideas for the show in 2022, including another year of Sharlayan Dropouts; a Dragon Quest ranking episode; a contest where we design a mascot for Axe of the Blood God; a big streaming event; another March Madness bracket with a fresh theme, and much more!

As always we sincerely appreciate your support for Axe of the Blood God and can’t wait to cover more quality RPG content in 2022. We’ll see you in the new year, and from Nadia, Eric, and myself, happy adventuring!


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