Vote on the November 2021 Pantheon Selection!

Vote on the November 2021 Pantheon Selection!

Greetings Disciples of the Blood God! It’s time to help us choose the next candidate for inclusion in the Pantheon of the Blood God. This month’s theme is Horror RPGs! Yes, the fall chill is in the air, and Halloween is on our mind, so what better time for some role-playing frights? And yes, the episode will technically release in November, but it will be close enough that you can still get some of those Halloween vibes. It worked for Treehouse of Horror, right?

Here’s what you’ll be voting on:

Bloodborne, the  gothic Soulsborne game regarded as one of the greatest action RPGs ever made!

Parasite Eve, the experimental horror action RPG from the golden age of Squaresoft! We’ll play the best game in the series!

Darkest Dungeon, the dungeon crawler that defined a generation of indie RPGs with outstanding art and terrifying narration!

Sweet Home, the OG horror game from Capcom! This 8-bit classic terrified a generation of Famicom owners in Japan! And yes, it has a fan translation!

As part of this process, we will once again be hosting a month-long Game Club over on the Discord! Nadia and I will actively be playing the game we choose, and we encourage you to join with us on the Discord as part of the Pantheon Game Club discussion!

Voting is available to all Patrons! We will be closing voting on the morning of Tuesday, August 3, so make sure to make your selection before then! And as always, thank you so much to our $10 Patrons and above for your generous support!

Vote on the November Pantheon


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