Vote On the December 2021 Pantheon Selection!

Vote On the December 2021 Pantheon Selection!

Greetings Disciples of the Blood God! It’s time to help us choose the next candidate for inclusion in the Pantheon of the Blood God.  This month’s theme is RPGs To Get Us In the Mood For Cowboy Bebop!  Yep, Netflix is releasing a live-action adaptation of everyone’s favorite anime in November, and we’re kind of in the mood for space rogues, hot jazz, and anime. And no, we’re going to put Super Robot Wars T on this list even though it has Cowboy Bebop because SRW T was kind of mediocre!

Anyway, here’s what you’ll be voting on:

Persona 5, the RPG that may be closest to Cowboy Bebop in terms of style and spirit, even if it’s not strictly… you know.. a space anime with bounty hunters.

The Outer Worlds, the space RPG from the creators of Fallout that casts you as the captain of the Unreliable. With themes of corporatism and space pirates, it’s very much in keeping with Cowboy Bebop.

Infinite Space, the classic Nintendo DS starship RPG created by Platinum. Largely forgotten today, we will determine whether it deserves to be unearthed for the Pantheon (sadly, it’s kind of expensive and hard to obtain!)

Steamworld Heist, a brilliant tactics RPG that could basically be set in the Cowboy Bebop universe… if Cowboy Bebop’s cast solely consisted of robots.

As part of this process, we will once again be hosting a month-long Game Club over on the Discord! Nadia and I will actively be playing the game we choose, and we encourage you to join with us on the Discord as part of the Pantheon Game Club discussion!

Voting is available to all Patrons! We will be closing voting on the morning of Wednesday, November 3, so make sure to make your selection before then! And as always, thank you so much to our $10 Patrons and above for your generous support!

Vote on the December Pantheon


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