Top 25 RPG Countdown, #8: Dragon Quest V

Top 25 RPG Countdown, #8: Dragon Quest V

We leap back into the Top 25 RPG Countdown with the best Dragon Quest of them all: Dragon Quest V! Kat and Nadia explain why its epic sweep, monster hunting mechanics and romance system make it our #8 pick.

Episode Notes

The Top 25 RPG Countdown officially resumes this week with a look at the best Dragon Quest of them all!

Dragon Quest is a storied RPG series with many standout entries, but Dragon Quest 5 truly has it all: great characters, wonderful mechanics (monster collecting!), a tight battle system, and an epic sweep that even current generation RPGs struggle to match. This week we add it to the Top 25 RPG countdown! Plus: We discuss the big Destiny split, the Tales of Vesperia remaster, and more!

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