Top 25 RPG Countdown, #20: Divinity: Original Sin

Top 25 RPG Countdown, #20: Divinity: Original Sin

We're joined by Gamesbeat's Jason Wilson and Divinity: Original Sin II writer Kevin VanOrd to put Divinity: Original Sin into the Top 25 RPG Countdown! Find out why this 2014 gem should be counted as a modern classic.

Episode Notes

Banner Saga 3 launched last week, and I’m joined by reviewer Hirun Cryer to discuss whether the final entry lives up to the first two games in the popular trilogy.

Hirun and I talk about the story, the combat, and oddly enough, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (it makes sense in the moment, I swear). But mostly we talk about how crushingly dark it is, and whether that’s necessarily a bad thing.

Also in this episode, I’m joined by Gamesbeat’s Jason Wilson and Divinity Original Sin 2 writer Kevin VanOrd to talk about number 20 in our ongoing RPG countdown: Divinity: Original Sin! Find out why 2014 gem deserves to counted as a modern classic.


Live Action Zelda

It’s actually happening. A live action Legend of Zelda is on the way. How much faith do we have in the team behind it?