Top 25 RPG Countdown, #1: Chrono Trigger

Top 25 RPG Countdown, #1: Chrono Trigger

It's time to pick the #1 entry for our conclusion to the Top 25 RPG Countdown! Buckle up for this momentous episode as Kat and Nadia discuss the greatest RPG of all time: Chrono Trigger.

Episode Notes

The Top 25 RPG Countdown is finally finished, and to commemorate the occasion, Nadia and I thought it would be fun to pick some of the other bests from RPG history.

In this, the 200th episode of Axe of the Blood God, Nadia and I go talk about the best RPG soundtrack, the best story, the best developer, and more. It’s a fun tour of RPG history that culminates in our selection of the Best RPG of All Time. Yes, we’re finally finished! After close to a year of podcasts, we’re ready to reveal the greatest RPG ever. Buckle up, because this is the most momentous episode of Axe of the Blood God to date!

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