We Pick the Top 25 RPGs Of All Time!

We Pick the Top 25 RPGs Of All Time!

It's time at last to share our newly-revised list of the 25 best RPGs of all time!

Episode Notes

It’s time at last to share our newly-revised list of the 25 best RPGs of all time! For much of 2022 we’ve been slowly collecting potential nominees for an update to the list that we made several years ago. Now it’s time to share that list for all to see!

To make this list we took the list of nominees plus the original list and made our own Top 25s, with the games that were on all three lists going straight into the Top 25. From there we embraced debate with discussions including:

  • Whether or not Mass Effect should be included a trilogy
  • Eric calling Skyrim the “McDonald’s hamburger of RPGs.”
  • Multiple RPGs being rescued from the dead
  • Whether it’s time to anoint brand-new #1

For your convenience, we’ve shared time codes below.

Time Codes

4:40: We share our personal Top 25 RPG lists

21:35 – The Initial Cutdown + Wild Card Picks + Listener Poll

36:35: Games That Made At Least Two Lists

140:25: Finalizing the List

2:23:00: Ranking the Games

2:50:20: The Top 25 RPGs Of All Time

Thanks again for joining us in this very fun project! We’ll probably be circling back and rebuilding given that there always amazing new RPGs being released. But in the meantime, we’re excited to hear your thoughts!


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