The Indie RPG 2022 Preview

The Indie RPG 2022 Preview

It's time for the big Indie RPG 2022 Preview! Plus, an AGDQ preview, the launch of the Top 25 RPGs Of All Time Remake, and a brand-new post show!

Episode Notes

New year, new Axe of the Blood God! Our new Stars of Destiny tier has kicked off in earnest, and we had our first live taping of the podcast, followed by a special post-show discussion (available now exclusively to Stars of Destiny Patrons). That’s right, for 25 smackeroos you can listen to us flub our lines and then get into a fight about Super Mario World vs Super Mario Bros. 3. Very rated R stuff. See, the R stands for “rad.”

This week’s main show covers a bunch of stuff, including:

The great Indie RPG 2022 preview! Some gorgeous retro-style fare is coming up, like Sea of Stars, SacriFire, and Eiyuden Chronicles Rising.

  • We’re revisiting the Top 25 RPGs of All Time, and we want you to help us update our selection!
  • Square Enix is having NFT FOMO, and the world must suffer for it.
  • Eric is now a Final Fantasy XIV sicko. Ha ha…yes! Yessss!

If you weren’t able to pop to the post-show, we’ve got that for you, too. We talk about Sony’s drive to produce only “prestige” games, and how that new philosophy will affect RPGs. Then everything breaks down into Super Mario chaos. Mama mia.


Octopath Traveler II Deep Dive

This week, we have an in-depth discussion about Octopath Traveler II, an excellent choice from our $100 Patron and special guest, The Black Stones!

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