The Axe of the Blood God Guide to Gundam

The Axe of the Blood God Guide to Gundam

What the heck is Mobile Suit Gundam? And where should you start? We're here to help as the Summer of Gundam begins!

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Episode Notes

In this month’s special available exclusively to our $5 Patrons and above, Axe of the Blood God’s plucky crew are joined by old pals Jeremy Parish and Mike Williams to offer a guide to Mobile Suit Gundam. Join us as we cover some of the following:

  • Why Gundam 0079 is the first one you should watch
  • How it’s a unique mix of Star Trek, Star Wars, The Expanse, and anime bullshit
  • Whether or not you should actually watch Char’s Counterattack
  • Gundam’s problems with female characters
  • Gundam Thunderbolt’s kicking soundtrack
  • Why Gundam 0080 is absolutely essential

… And much more!

It’s part of our Summer of Gundam coverage, in which we will discuss a Gundam-related topic each week on the show while also doing Pantheon Minis, deep dives, and much more. Strap in because, the Wet Hot Gundam Summer is about to begin!Music from this episode

Opening: Gundam 0079 – Gallant Char
22:40: Turn A Gundam – OP 1
45:20: Gundam Wing – White Reflection
1:12:50: Gundam Thunderbolt – Opening
1:48:30: Gundam X – Dreams
1:49:20: 08th MS Team Outro – 10 Years After


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