The 2021 RPG Preview: From Final Fantasy XVI to Elden Ring

The 2021 RPG Preview: From Final Fantasy XVI to Elden Ring

It's officially 2021, which means it's time for Kat and Nadia take to talk about what's in store for RPGs this year. Will we get our hands on Elden Ring and Final Fantasy XVI, or Breath of the Wild 2? Hear our predictions and more.

Episode Notes

It’s officially 2021, and the brand-new year already seems poised to keep on dishing out the same trials and tribulations that made 2020 so special. Kat and Nadia take a nice break from the plague and strife to talk about what’s in store for RPGs in the new year. Will we get our hands on Elden Ring? Can we really expect Final Fantasy 16 in 2021? And what about the mythological The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2?

Also in this episode: Nadia talks about the Ys 9 demo, Persona soundtracks are finally on Spotify, and Elder Scrolls 6 is probably going to Hammerfell instead of Black Marsh like it should.


Paying Tribute to Akira Toriyama, Unicorn Overlord, and More

Akira Toriyama died on March 1, leaving behind a legacy that includes Dragon Ball, Dragon Quest, and an incredible impact on both games and anime. With Eric out, Kat and Nadia are joined by Victor Hunter and Ash Paulsen to break down he changed RPGs, our memories of watch Dragon Ball, and more.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Review

It’s the spoiler-free Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Spectacular! The panel has had plenty of time with Rebirth, or as I like to call it “Final Fantasy VII-3”. Does it improve upon Remake? Does it stand on it’s own? Do you need to play the lost mid-2000s Japanese feature phone game Before Crisis to fully grasp the importance of the character of Cissnei?