The 10 Best RPG Parties Of All Time, Ranked w/ Ben Hanson and John Carson

The 10 Best RPG Parties Of All Time, Ranked w/ Ben Hanson and John Carson

What are the 10 greatest RPG parties? From Chrono Trigger to Planescape Torment, we decide!

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Episode Notes

Today on a very special episode of Axe of the Blood God, Kat, Nadia, and Eric party down with friends of the show Ben Hanson and John Carson. Nota bene: “Party down” in this instance means getting down to brass tacks and debating the best parties RPGs have to offer.

What’s the secret glue that holds the cast of Chrono Trigger? Why does Final Fantasy 7 feel like it lacks that glue? Will a 13 Sentinels reference pop up? (Heck yes.) All these questions and more are on the table.

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