Spoilercast Special: Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Spoilercast Special: Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Blood God has assembled to deliver the long-promised, no-holds-barred Xenoblade Chronicles 3 spoilercast.

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Episode Notes

The time has finally come. It’s been nearly a year, but the Blood God has assembled to deliver the long-promised, no-holds-barred Xenoblade Chronicles 3 spoilercast. Nadia and Eric are joined by two Xeno-heads, GameSpot’s Jake Dekker and io9’s James Whitbrook, to talk all about Monolith Soft’s massive RPG. We cover topics like:

  • The Xenoblade series’ accomplishments on the Switch
  • The endearing party
  • An incredible soundtrack

Note for our listeners: This will cover only the base game of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, with some brief non-spoiler mentions of Future Redeemed at the end. We hope you enjoy this last send-off for a very special RPG.

This special is available to all $5+ and up backers, and we thank all of you so much for your support!


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