Sharlayan Dropouts: Patch 6.4 Discussion – We’re Dragons on the Moon

Sharlayan Dropouts: Patch 6.4 Discussion – We’re Dragons on the Moon

Greetings, students. The Dropouts aren't clever enough to know you shouldn't cast Fira in a dry field, but they're going into space nevertheless.

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Episode Notes

Greetings, students. The Dropouts aren’t clever enough to know you shouldn’t cast Fira in a dry field, but they’re going into space nevertheless. Nadia, Victor, and Mike hike to the Tower of Babel and talk about everything that’s dropped, and everything they’ve done. Dragon fights! Moon music! Zero’s piercing gaze!❤️ It’s all up for discussion.

Spoiler alert level: Red…ish. While we talk about a good deal of the content you’ll find in 6.4, we don’t discuss the ending of the MSQ, nor do we talk about the content in the Pandaemonium raids.


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