Sharlayan Dropouts, Episode 7: The Endwalker Spoiler Jamboree Continues

Sharlayan Dropouts, Episode 7: The Endwalker Spoiler Jamboree Continues

This month, we have a deep discussion about the Endwalker expansion and the mess of emotions it invokes.

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Episode Notes

Lali-ho, diligent scholars. Hide your smokes, because Sharlayan Dropouts, Axe of the Blood God’s Final Fantasy XIV podcast, has entered the studium. This month, we continue our in-depth talk about Endwalker, particularly it’s–well, it’s end. The emotion! The drama! The realization Aenor might have finally had the threesome she’s been pining for since a Realm Reborn!

Also in this episode:

  • Discussions about the Pandemoneum raid
  • How hard did we cry? (So hard.)
  • Do Ascians have sex to reproduce, or what…? Help us out with this one.

SPOILER LEVEL: RED. MAJOR ENDWALKER SPOILERS. We go right to the ends of Endwalker in this episode, which includes spoilers for the Pandemonium raid.


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