PC RPG Quest – 1970s: Of Mainframes and Roguelikes

PC RPG Quest – 1970s: Of Mainframes and Roguelikes

It's the PC RPG Quest! This week, we look back at the primal roots of RPGs with author David Craddock, tracing back to the giant university mainframes of the '70s. Also: Tales of Arise, Homestuck and Pokemon Direct news.

Episode Notes

It’s finally time to start the PC RPG Quest, because without knowledge of our past, there can be no future. This week, Kat and Nadia look back at the primal roots of RPGs, especially games written and played on the giant university mainframes of the ’70s. They’re joined by author David L. Craddock, who knows a thing or two about ancient computer RPGs. Which RPG first used graphics? Which RPG had the first instance of a boss fight? We guarantee you’ll come away from this episode feeling educated and entertained.

Also in this episode: Nadia and Kat compare Tales of Arise impressions, and an Indie Direct brought us a lot of great RPG news. Buckle up Homestuck, because Nintendo’s not done: A big Pokemon Direct is coming very soon, too!


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