PAX East 2023 Panel + Meetup Info!

PAX East 2023 Panel + Meetup Info!

Hello Axe of the Blood God supporters! On Saturday we’ll be hosting a panel at PAX East 2023 where we’ll be drafting the ultimate RPG! We hope you’ll come and join us on this very cool quest. Here’s the relevant info.

Axe of the Blood God Presents: Drafting the Ultimate RPG


Time/location: Saturday, March 25 @ 4:30pm in the Arachnid Theatre

Your hosts: Kat Bailey, Nadia Oxford, Eric Van Allen, Michael Higham, Scott White

Will it be recorded? Yep! We’re going to be turning this panel into an episode. Stay tuned!

Directly after the panel we’ll be heading over to the Lobo Hobo Seaport for a drink with our supporters. We’ll also be selling the last few Year 1 pins for $20 apiece. If you can’t make the panel, come join us at the drinkup!

Thanks for your support and we’ll see you in Boston!


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