Pantheon of the Blood God – Xenoblade Chronicles

Pantheon of the Blood God – Xenoblade Chronicles

You know exactly what time it is and who is feeling what.

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Episode Notes

You know exactly what time it is and who is feeling what.
2024 is coming in megahot and fully gem-slotted with a lively discussion about the cult-classic that started Nintendo’s biggest JRPG series. Kat and Nadia are joined by returning guest Ash Paulsen and newcomer Spencer Pressly, each dishing out takes powerful enough to topple a unique monster. Is being the antecedent of a hit franchise enough to cement Xenoblade Chronicles a place in the pantheon or will the presence of the Nopon be enough to cast it into pandaemonium? Listen to this month’s Monado-powered Bionis-sized episode of Pantheon of the Blood God to find out!

We talk about:

  • Ash’s fear of spiders
  • The power of a good skybox
  • British voice actors bring it
  • Can YOU name all the party members?


  • 8:36 – Intro
  • 2:50 – Our History with Xenoblade
  • 42:15 – Development History
  • 1:11:04 – The OST
  • 1:23:08- Reception and Legacy
  • 1:50:16 – Community Mail
  • 1:55:12 – Is It Pantheon Worthy?
  • 2:05:4 – Verdict/Outro

Music Used in This Episode:

  • Blooming Maidens – [Sakura Wars]
  • You Will Know Our Names – [Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition]
  • Gaur Plain – [Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition]
  • Colony 9 (Night) – [Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition]
  • Time to Fight! {Bionis’ Shoulder) – [Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition]


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