Pantheon of the Blood God: System Shock 2

Pantheon of the Blood God: System Shock 2

The April 2021 edition of Pantheon of the Blood God! This month we're joined by special guest Jeff Green to dive into horror RPG classic System Shock 2.

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Episode Notes

The April 2021 edition of Pantheon of the Blood God is here! This month we’re joined by special guest Jeff Green, former editor of CGW and host of GFW Radio, to dive into this horror RPG classic! We talk about its connections to the earliest dungeon crawlers, how it evolved the formula introduced by Ultima Underworld, its masterful use of environmental storytelling, and much more!

Pantheon of the Blood God is our monthly series in which we explore the very best RPGs of all time and decide whether or not they should be placed in the Pantheon. Our previous episodes include Lufia 2, Final Fantasy VIII, and Skies of Arcadia! System Shock 2 is consistently lauded as the forerunner for an entire generation of games, but does it deserve to be in the RPG Pantheon? Listen and find out!

As always we offer our sincere thanks to our $10 and above Patrons for their support! This was a really enjoyable episode to put together, and the Game Club was especially fun this month. Next up: Terranigma! Please look forward to it!


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