Pantheon of the Blood God: Persona 5

Pantheon of the Blood God: Persona 5

Our Pantheon of the Blood God exploration of Persona 5 is here! Is it worthy of inclusion among the greatest RPGs ever made?

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Episode Notes

For the December 2021 edition of Pantheon of the Blood God, Kat and Nadia are joined by Fanbyte’s Steven Strom and Michael Higham for an exploration of Persona 5! During their lengthy discussion, the group discusses just some of the following:

– Its outstanding soundtrack
– Its attempt to challenge the status quo in Japanese society
– Its remarkable sense of style
– Being constantly told to go to bed by a cat

… And much more!

Then the verdict: Is Persona 5 worthy of inclusion in the Pantheon of the Blood God? Listen and find out! As always, a sincere thanks to our $10 and above Patrons for your support! Every month we pick a new RPG for the Pantheon, which is voted on by the community. Next up: Chrono Cross! Join the Discord and jump into our Monthly Game Club conversation!


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