Pantheon of the Blood God: Final Fantasy Tactics

Pantheon of the Blood God: Final Fantasy Tactics

This month's Pantheon of the Blood God explores Final Fantasy Tactics! Is it worthy of inclusion in the RPG Pantheon? Listen and find out!

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Episode Notes

For the March 2022 edition of Pantheon of the Blood God, Kat and Nadia are joined by Casual Magic’s Shivam Bhatt and Fanbyte’s Mike Williams for an exploration of Final Fantasy Tactics! During their wide-ranging discussion, the group covers just some of the following:

  • Just how busted can this game get?
  • Is Ivalice the most iconic Final Fantasy setting?
  • Why does Shivam love Final Fantasy XV so much?

… And much more!

Then the verdict: Is Final Fantasy Tactics worthy of inclusion in the Pantheon of the Blood God? Listen and find out!

As always, a sincere thanks to our $10 and above Patrons for your support! Every month we pick a new RPG for the Pantheon, which is voted on by the community. Next up: Valkyrie Profile! Join the Discord and jump into our Monthly Game Club conversation!


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