Pantheon Mini: Valkyria Chronicles

Pantheon Mini: Valkyria Chronicles

War is hell in Valkyria Chronicles, but it's also very pretty and fun to play. This week we're joined by Patreon contributor Vivicomplex to discuss World War Anime and more.

Episode Notes

War is hell. Unless you’re talking about Valkyria Chronicles, the much-celebrated tactics RPG by Sega. See, war is still hell in Valkyria Chronicles, but it’s also very pretty and fun to play. This week, very special guest and valued Blood God Patreon contributor Vivicomplex joins Kat, Nadia, and Eric to talk about World War Anime. Protip: Just send your scouts to the front line. Ain’t nbodoy getting through those rifle-toting maniacs.

Also in this episode:

  • Eric can’t talk about what he’s been playing because of embargos, but that’s alright because hahaha Chainsaw Man goes brrrrrr.
  • Nadia maxed out her island paradise hideaway in FFXIV. Nobody is invited to visit. Suckers.
  • This week on Autumn of Avatar: There ain’t no war in Ba Sing Se, and there never was.


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