Our Diablo IV Review

Our Diablo IV Review

I, Nadia, take over hosting duties on Axe of the Blood God this week, which is apropos for an episode that's about Satan.

Episode Notes

I, Nadia, take over hosting duties on Axe of the Blood God this week, which is apropos for an episode that’s about Satan. That’s right, we review the long-awaited Diablo IV with our very good friend and frequent Blood God guest, Len. There’s a lot riding on Diablo IV, as Activision Blizzard is currently weighed down by troubled times that are largely of their own making. How does it play? How’s the story? How does Act-Bliz’s fascination with “always online!” sit with Diablo IV’s dark, gothic feel? Is the Druid class the best? (Yes.) Stay awhile and listen.

Also in this episode:

  • The Fire Emblem game that started everything (in the West) is coming to the GBA via NSO. Roy’s our boy!
  • Something something Microsoft Activision Blizzard acquisition deal stalled
  • Things are heating up in The Legend of Korra, but they’re also cooling down because it’s pretty chilly at the poles
  • A Gameboy is just a phone that only plays Pokemon
  • Walk forever in the light of the Crystal, Kittyboy Tighthole


  • 00:00 – Intro/Diablo IV
  • 38:27 – Random Encounters
  • 45:39 – Summer of Korra
  • 58:12 – Nostalgia Nook/Outro

Music used in this episode:

  • Do Your Best! [Breath of Fire III]
  • The Legend of Korra Main Theme [The Legend of Korra]
  • A Curious Tale [Secret of Mana]
  • Ark [Persona 5]


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