Is a Chrono Cross Remake On the Way?

Is a Chrono Cross Remake On the Way?

Could a Chrono Cross remake be on the way? Plus, a mailbag!

Episode Notes

Last week was the Giving of Thanks, and Eric returned to his ancestral home to prepare the necessary sacrifices. That means Kat and Nadia are alone for this episode, just like the good ol’ days of… er, maybe a month ago? Point is, this is a very chill episode. 
Some of the big topics:
– Is a Chrono Cross remake under development?
– Who is an unsung RPG composer?
– How excited are we for a Mass Effect TV show?

Also in this episode: Neo The World Ends With You didn’t do so hot because Square Enix kind of forgot to market it, and plans for the future of Blood God! A new tier approaches! Command?


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