Introducing the Axe of the Blood God Official Homepage!

Introducing the Axe of the Blood God Official Homepage!

Welcome to Axe of the Blood God’s brand new website! Ever since the untimely demise of USgamer, the Axe of the Blood God podcast has been wandering the roads like a nomad. Sure, we have the Patreon, but it’s tough to get the word out when most of the posts are locked behind a paywall.

So we went ahead and contacted friend and listener Matthew Means (you might know them as Mattcom on the Discord) to make a proper repository for our content going forward, and the result lies before you. While this site doesn’t contain every single episode of Axe of the Blood God — that would be a tall order given that we’ve made more than 300 episodes — we have managed to upload every episode from the Patreon era, plus notable specials such as the Top 25 RPG Countdown and the Console RPG Quest. Going forward we’ll be posting new episodes both here and on the Patreon so that listeners can easily access our archive.

We also have a blog now. Yes, Nadia and I are both officially Old, so we’re making like 2006 and posting our thoughts on RPGs we might not be able to cover elsewhere. We’ll also use the blog for more general updates about the podcast — which will be cross-posted on the Patreon — as well as merch, events, and other news. Mostly though, I’ll probably just write about Super Robot Wars.

Finally, we have a merch store now. It’s still very small — some pins, stickers, and prints of our 300th episode art — but we’re hoping to get things like t-shirts at some point in the near future.

Hopefully this website can be emblematic of how far Axe of the Blood God has come. Over just the past year, we’ve celebrated our 300th episode, hosted the Summer of the Rings, put out pins, and launched the PC RPG Quest. We’ve got a lovely community in our Discord, and the Pantheon vote has become a fun monthly vote. None of this would have been possible without your support.

So we’re once again ahead on our way as we continue into the last part of 2021. Thank you again for listening to Axe of the Blood God, and for sharing in our love of quests, loot, and spoony bards. We’ll see you on the trail.


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