How to Tame the Most Complex RPGs + Fantasian Impressions

How to Tame the Most Complex RPGs + Fantasian Impressions

Kat and Nadia talk about how they overcome the intimidation of new RPGs and enrich their experience with the genre, plus early Fantasian impressions and the latest E3 news.

Episode Notes

A new week, a new milestone! This time Kat and Nadia get to answer a question sent in by a generous Patron: How do we get into new RPGs without becoming so intimidated that we run in the opposite direction and back into the arms of the comforting RPGs we already know and love? It’s a great query that yields some deep discussion about overcoming personal discomforts to enrich our experience with the genre. Oh, and there are also tips galore about how to get into new RPGs. In the ‘80s and ‘90s, you had to send your parents’ phone bill through the roof to get this kind of primo game-playing advice.

Also in this episode: Early Fantasian impressions, E3 will be E-Free (and online), Square Enix gets a bit of Outriders-brand salve to soothe its Avengers boo-boos, and we crown our RPG March Madness champion at last!


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