Final Fantasy Tactics Is This Month’s Pantheon Selection!

Final Fantasy Tactics Is This Month’s Pantheon Selection!

Good news, Disciples! Final Fantasy Tactics is the March 2022 selection for the Axe of the Blood God Pantheon! That means Kat and Nadia will record a deep dive into this famous tactics RPG ahead of the release of Triangle Strategy! As usual, we’ll also host a Game Club over on the Blood God Discord, which you can access for just $1!

First released in 1997 for the the PlayStation, Final Fantasy Tactics took the formula established in Tactics Ogre and incorporated the franchise’s Job System, producing a tactics RPG that still resonates to this day. We picked Tactics Ogre over Final Fantasy Tactics for the Top 25 RPGs of All Time, but Final Fantasy Tactics definitely deserves its moment to bask in the glow of the Blood God. And now it shall have it!

Pantheon of the Blood God is our monthly podcast in which we explore the very best in RPGs and determine whether they deserve to be enshrined in the Pantheon.  What merits inclusion? We’re looking for RPGs that are historically significant, still hold up in the modern era, and have a mark of greatness to them. Our previous episodes include explorations of Terranigma, Mass Effect, and Final Fantasy 8.

Tomorrow we’ll be releasing our Pantheon podcast featuring Bloodborne, which will be available tomorrow for $10 Patrons. You can find previous episodes right here! Thank you for your continued support of Axe of the Blood God, and we look forward to undertaking yet another journey with you into the grand realm of Ivalice!


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