Diablo IV Beta Impressions, PAX East, and a Mailbag

Diablo IV Beta Impressions, PAX East, and a Mailbag

This week's episode sees the Axe of the Blood God crew discussing Diablo IV beta impressions, what they saw at PAX East, and more!

Episode Notes

Kat, Eric, and Nadia are all together in the same room for PAX East! There they share their adventures through PAX East and GDC, their thoughts on the Diablo 4 beta, and much more.

Also in this episode 

  • It’s Morbin Time
  • Nadia is very confused by Fire Emblem Engage’s story
  • The gang try to come up with their best RPG-themed cocktails and it goes… poorly?
  • We reveal the next Pantheon vote!

Unfortunately, no post show this week owing to lack of a stream and being on the road. We’ll be off next week, but we’ll be posting the panel audio along with plenty more content to come.

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