Class Conscious: Monks

Class Conscious: Monks

It's time to talk about Monks! You know, those fellows what pummel things with their fists and suplex trains. It's the latest entry in our Class Conscious series!

Episode Notes

This week on the Axe of the Blood God RPG podcast, Kat and Nadia have both gone out for cigarettes, which means that Eric is in charge. Our boy keeps his head on his shoulders and invites Mike Williams of Sharlayan Dropouts to talk about our next Class Conscious entry: Monks! You know, those fellows what pummel things with their fists and suplex trains. They’re joined by martial artist Danielle Riendeau, who has good advice for all you baby monks who’re just starting your training: The pavement always wins.

Also in this episode:

  • We say goodbye to esteemed RPG architect Rieko Kodama, who sadly passed away earlier this year
  • Marvel Snap is currently the most popular thing in the universe
  • Mike loves him some Mario Rabbids. (Or is that “rabid Mario?”)
  • The gang dives head-first into the Fire Nation on this week’s Autumn of Avatar

In the Post Show

Eric, Mike, and the Stars of Destiny throw down in the chat over a brand-new tier list: The Top Halloween Candies of All Time. It gets hot, folks. Hotter than a tamale. But only Canadian kids know the pain of getting Molasses Kisses by the handful. Who even likes those? They keep coming back. Smells like witchcraft.


Starfield and Friends

It’s time to party with special guest Michael Higham as the crew talks about hotly anticipated sci-fi epic Starfield.

Mega Man X: Command Mission

Plan ahead for the fall and pick up a new scarf because it’s Nadia’s time to shine with an episode all about Mega Man’s OTHER foray into the world of RPGs, Mega Man X: Command Mission.