Class Conscious: Healers In RPGs

Class Conscious: Healers In RPGs

In this sort of new ongoing feature, we tackle another well-known role in RPGs: Healers! We break down many of the nuances of role-playings most underappreciated class.

Episode Notes

The Blood God is back in full force after Eric and Nadia’s trip out to Boston. We’re continuing our unofficial Job Hunt with a discussion about White Mages and healers in RPGs! How has healing evolved over the years? Who’s the best healer around? Is Kat going to start playing competitive Pokemon again?

Answers to all these and more in this week’s episode, plus:

  • Eric gets bitten by the GBA Fire Emblem bug
  • Kat gets an after-school gig, this Week in Gekkoukan
  • Nadia sends a battery boy to Dura-Hell
  • Plus, four more picks for our soon-to-close nominations for the Top 25 RPG rankings!


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It’s actually happening. A live action Legend of Zelda is on the way. How much faith do we have in the team behind it?