Axe of the Blood God – The March 2022 Schedule

Axe of the Blood God – The March 2022 Schedule

Welcome to March 2022! It’s the month for tournaments, and we’re once again bringing back our RPG March Madness bracket! We’ve also got a brand new ranking podcast in store, and of course we’re looking forward to reviewing Triangle Strategy. Over in the Discord, we’re getting ready to kick off our next Monthly Game Club featuring Valkyrie Profile! In the meantime, here’s everything that’s happening this month on Axe of the Blood God.

Pantheon of the Blood God: Final Fantasy Tactics [March 2]

Available exclusively to subscribers at the $10 level and above, this month’s Pantheon of the Blood God focuses on Final Fantasy Tactics, and joining us to discuss it is Casual Magic host Shivam Bhatt and Fanbyte (and Sharlayan Dropouts co-host) Mike Williams! Does it deserve to be in the Pantheon? Well, probably. But that doesn’t make this episode any less momentous!

The Great Kingdom Hearts Ranking [March 16]

Available exclusively to subscribers at the $5 level and above, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts’ release in Japan by ranking all of the mainline entries and spinoffs! It’ll be positively goofy!

Sharlayan Dropouts [March 23]

Available exclusively to subscribers at the $5 level, Nadia, Mike, and Victor continue their adventures through Thavnair and Garlemald while discussing all the newest developments in Final Fantasy XIV! And much more!

As always we’ve got lots in store for this month! We’re currently in the midst of a new March Madness bracket featuring RPG heroes and villains, we’ll be continuing segments like the Top 25 RPG Remake and the PC RPG Quest, and we’ll be discussing all the news and RPG reviews for March. Thanks so much for supporting the show, and we look forward to another great month!


Vote On the March 2022 Pantheon Selection!

It’s time to vote on the next Pantheon selection! This month’s choices are Final Fantasy Tactics, Super Robot Wars OG, Fire Emblem Awakening, and Valkyria Chronicles!