Axe of the Blood God – The February 2022 Schedule

Axe of the Blood God – The February 2022 Schedule

Welcome to February 2022! Everyone is preparing for Elden Ring, but we’ve got tactics RPGs on the brain as we look ahead to the release of Triangle Strategy.

For this month, we’re trying out yet another mini-series that will hopefully become a rotating special. We’re also happy to report that our weekly pre and post-shows have been a great success! You can access them through the Stars of Destiny tier.

Here’s what else to expect over the course of February!

Pantheon of the Blood God: Bloodborne [February 2]

Available exclusively to subscribers at the $10 level and above, this month’s Pantheon of the Blood God focuses on Bloodborne , and joining us is Bob Mackey from Talking Simpsons and Tamoor Hussain from GameSpot! As always we’ll recount its development, pick its best and worst moments, and ultimately determine whether it belongs in the Pantheon!

The Axe of the Blood God Guide To Tactics RPGs [February 16]

Available exclusively to subscribers at the $5 level and above, we explain the Tactics RPG genre to all of our listeners! What makes this sub-genre unique? What makes a great tactics RPG? And what game should you play first? Join us for a special primer on the tactics genre as we prep for the release of Triangle Strategy!

Sharlayan Dropouts [February 23]

Available exclusively to subscribers at the $5 level, Sharlayan Dropouts Year 2 continues! This may be the one where we finally get Eric on the show!

And much more!

As always we’ve got lots in store for this month! We’re reviewing Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Elden Ring, jumping into the dreaded 2000s for the PC RPG Quest, and picking more games for the upcoming Top 25 RPG Remake! Thank you as always for your support, and we look forward to another great month of podcasting about RPGs!


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