The Winner Of Axe of the Blood God March Madness 2022 And Complete Bracket

The Winner Of Axe of the Blood God March Madness 2022 And Complete Bracket

We Have a Winner!

This is it, Blood God faithful.

The results are in, the votes are tallied, and in the ultimate battle of Good vs. Evil, GOOD has prevailed.

Terra Branford takes the win in our Heroes vs. Villains March Madness bracket, beating out her antagonist counterpart Kefka for the grand prize! 

Terra’s path to victory pit her against some of the toughest heroes RPGs have to offer – including Final Fantasy counterpart Yuna and Trails protagonist Estelle.  The magical lead of Final Fantasy VI emerges victorious however, in a result that’s sure to not spurn discussion and animosity for ages.

Shoutouts to everyone who participated and campaigned for their favorites throughout the month, and rest assured – there will be more Madness in the Marches to come. We’re already mulling over more ideas that could cause even more chaos.

Bracket Info

It’s March, and that means it’s time for another March Madness bracket! This year, the Blood God will be voting on the do-gooders and rabble-rousers who drive the stories of our favorite RPGs. That’s right, it’s a showdown between Heroes and Villains!

Each side will determine their greatest champions from the Modern and Retro ages, before a Final Four clash for true heroic and villainous supremacy, and then a good-evil clash for the ages in the Grand Finals.

The assembled paragons and renegades were chosen by combing through the web, forums, and our own hearts for the best RPGs have to offer. While you’ll see a few well-known faces scattered across the bracket, we also worked to shake up the norm; we don’t want this to just be a showdown of Final Fantasy heroes and villains, right?

After narrowing the list down to 16 strong competitors, we seeded them according to perceived strength (if your favorite pick is a low seed, blame Eric). Yet even with a full 16, we wound up with some pretty fascinating match-ups, even in the first round. Here are some ones to watch for week one:

  • Our prospective Pantheon protagonist Lenneth takes on underdog Yuri from Shadow Hearts in the Heroes Retro division
  • Best boy Ichiban squares off with a Commander Shepard, fresh off the Legendary Edition in Heroes Modern
  • Grahf and Delita duel for PSX villain victory on the Retro side
  • The villainous leads of two deluxe Persona entries face off, as Golden’s Adachi faces Royal’s Maruki in the first round of Modern
  • You can vote here! Round 1 voting closes at 8 a.m. PT on Thursday, March 3. Get those entries and predictions in!

Voting is available to our Patrons! You can find more info here.


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