Autumn of Avatar – Book 3 + Finale Recap

Autumn of Avatar – Book 3 + Finale Recap

Well, fellow Benders, it's finally here: the end of our Autumn of the Avatar. We've reached the conclusion of Book 3: Fire. Here's the full recap!

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Episode Notes

Well, fellow Benders, it’s finally here: the end of our Autumn of the Avatar. We’ve reached the conclusion of Book 3: Fire, seen Sozin’s Comet rocket across the sky, and the return of many familiar faces as the final battle played out.

We’re joined by Kate Sánchez of But Why Tho? to help bring it all home. In this big Book 3 finale, we’ve got:

  • Kat and Nadia’s impressions of the finale
  • The generational trauma of this 100-year war
  • Redemption vs. atonement
  • And somehow, the Earth King not getting eaten by Bosco

All this, the series MVP vote, and more in our thrilling conclusion to the season of Avatar: The Last Airbender. As always, we appreciate your support and Patronage which lets you get content like this. And a special thanks from us to you, for going with us on this seasonal journey through such a special show.


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