An Ode to the Ogre Battle Series

An Ode to the Ogre Battle Series

Kat and company take on Squire Enix's Ogre Battle series with help from Patron Waah! These still-beloved strategy games deserve more acknowledgement and we're going to fix that. Also: Haunted Chocolatier, CD Projekt Red delays and Mass Effect 3 controversy.

Episode Notes

This week on Axe of the Blood God, Nadia, Kat, and Eric battle ogres with the help of a very special guest, Waah! Yes, our generous $100 Patron finally gets to shine on-stage, and he’s picked a very cool topic: Square Enix’s half-forgotten Ogre Battle series. This still-beloved string of strategy games was the precursor to Final Fantasy Tactics, and it’s a darn shame it doesn’t garner the acknowledgement it deserves. We’ll fix that, though. Oh, we will definitely fix that.

Also in this episode: Stardew Valley’s creator is taking us to the Land of Chocolate, CD Projekt Red has some more delays for us, and the Mass Effect 3 ending controversy has reared its ugly, exhausting head once again.


Pantheon of the Blood God: Xenogears

For the August 2022 edition of Pantheon of the Blood God, Kat and Nadia are joined by Digital Foundry’s John Linneman, Kotaku’s Ethan Gach, and Resonant Arc’s Michael Brown for an exploration of Xenogears!