Axe of the Blood God – The October 2021 Schedule

Axe of the Blood God – The October 2021 Schedule

Welcome to October 2021, the spookiest month around! This month we’ll be exploring some of our favorite scary RPGs as well as conducting a special interview! A reminder: new episodes will be available a week early and ad free to $5 Patrons and above.

Here’s what else to expect over the course of October!

Pantheon of the Blood God: Tales of Vesperia w/ Eric Van Allen [October 6]

This month’s Pantheon of the Blood God focuses on Tales of Vesperia, and joining us is Eric Van Allen! As always we’ll recount its development, pick its best and worst moments, and ultimately determine whether it belongs in the Pantheon! This episode is available to subscribers at the $10 level!

Interview: Ray Chase’s RPG Journey  [October 13]

This month we’ll be joined by noted voice actor Ray Chase to discuss his long career in RPGs! From Final Fantasy XV to Tales of Arise and much more, we’ll discuss all of Chase’s biggest roles and his journey through the games industry. This episode will be available early to $5 Patrons and above!

Sharlayan Dropouts [October 20]

Available a week early to subscribers at the $5 level and above, it’s another installment of our Final Fantasy XIV podcast hosted by Nadia Oxford! Join Nadia, Victor Hunter, and Mike as they continue to chatter about Final Fantasy XIV in the run-up to Endwalker’s release.

And much more!

We’ve got lots in store for this month! We’ll be continuing the PC RPG Quest, taking a deep dive into the Ogre Battle series, and covering all of the news and releases. Thanks as always for supporting Axe of the Blood God, and we look forward to another great money of covering role-playing games!


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