Axe of the Blood God 24 Hour Charity Stream Raises More Than $10,000 for Trans Lifeline!

Axe of the Blood God 24 Hour Charity Stream Raises More Than $10,000 for Trans Lifeline!

Over the weekend we hosted a 24 hour charity livestream featuring a host of special guests, and we’re happy to announce that with your help we were able to raise $10,295 for Trans Lifeline!

We’re thrilled by the success of this livestream and we’re deeply humbled and grateful for your incredible support. Thank you so much for making this weekend a blast while raising money for a worth cause! If you missed the livestream, check out the VODs over on Twitch! We’re also going to be putting up the live episodes on the various feeds soon.

Additionally, by raising $10,000 we unlocked three new events:

  • Persona 5 Pantheon episode will be available to all listeners starting Wednesday
  • The Quest For the Axe of the Blood God: A D&D 5E Adventure will return for Episode 2!
  • The Autumn of Avatar is go, meaning that we’ll all be watching Avatar: The Last Airbender together! Stay tuned for more details.

This won’t be the last time we’ll be hosting one of these events, so expect more Hot Take competitions, Nuzlocke runs, and live episodes in the future! Until then, thank you so much for being the best community in gaming.

With warmest thanks,

Kat, Nadia & Eric

On July 9th and 10th we will be hosting a special 24 hour live stream event event benefiting Trans Lifeline! The event will include a revenge Nuzlocke run to try and defeat Morty; Final Fantasy XIV raid night, two special live episodes and lots more! We’ll also be joined by guests including our pals from Easy Allies, Kinda Funny, Fanbyte, MinnMax! Here’s the full schedule.

July 9 [All times PST]

8am – 10am: Blood God Live – Does Fallout New Vegas Deserve To Be #1?
10am – 12pm: Kat’s Pokemon Crystal Nuzlocke Revenge Run w/ Reb Valentine
12:00pm – 2pm: Elden Ring Bounty Battle w/ Sam Greer, Funke, and Len Hafer
2pm – 4pm: Nadia plays Dragon Quest III
4pm – 6pm: Fall Guys w/ Ty Row & Nessa Cannon
6pm – 8pm: The Axe of the Blood God Olympics

July 10 [All times PST]

8am – 10am: Blood God Live – Blood God Ranking Special: The Greatest RPG Parties
10am – 12pm: Kat’s Pokemon Crystal Nuzlocke Revenge Run w/ Kallie Plagge & Casey DeFreitas
12:00pm – 2pm: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge w/ GVG
2pm – 4pm: Among Us w/ Fanbyte + Blessing Adeoye
4pm – 6pm: Final Fantasy 14 Raid Night w/ the Sharlayan Dropouts crew
6pm – 8pm: Jackbox w/ Isla Hinck, Jess, and Renata Price

The stream will be taking place on, and yes, we will be releasing both of the live episodes.


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