The 2022 RPG Preview: From Pokemon Legends to Starfield

The 2022 RPG Preview: From Pokemon Legends to Starfield

This week's episode explores all of the biggest RPGs of 2022, including Starfield, Elden Ring, and more!

Episode Notes

We’re already three days into 2022! No refunds on the year, suckers. Don’t worry, the Axe of the Blood God will be around to pick you up whenever you need it…and going by recent trends, everyone is going to be due for a pick-me-up somewhere between the first three and six months.

Let’s start the year strong with some spicy 2022 RPG predictions! Will we see anything to do with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 this year? Will we enjoy Elden Ring? Will Final Fantasy 16 make it out before year’s end? (Funny you should ask…)

Also in this episode:

  • Nadia remembers quality Nintendo literature
  • Yuji Naka is still plying his trade in the corner, like an exiled shoe-elf who hopes to return to his cobbler kingdom someday
  • We read your RPG 2022 feelings

Here’s to ’22


Live Action Zelda

It’s actually happening. A live action Legend of Zelda is on the way. How much faith do we have in the team behind it?